Courtroom Technology

We understand that how you present yourself to a judge and jury can be as influential as the actual facts of the case. Your technology footprint in the courtroom is a part of this image. At Trial Access, we work to ensure that your technology footprint is small and transparent while maintaining its purpose as a powerful presentation tool for your team.

We work to stay on the cutting edge of presentation technology, we stock super quiet HD projectors and collapsable screens, thin LED displays, compact document cameras, and powerful micro audio systems.

Our experience in the courtroom allows us to anticipate your needs while interfacing with the court's support staff to ensure that our technology works seamlessly with existing equipment.

We will also team up with your trial graphics team to make sure that they have everything they need to do their best work. We thoroughly test our equipment regularly throughout trial to be sure that your graphics team can concentrate on their work and leave the technology to us.

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